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Drift roses are low-maintenance, compact spreading landscape roses that naturally hold form and have densely packed, eye-catching blooms. Moreover, many of the varieties have a delightful fragrance that many people seek from roses. Drift roses are tough in the landscape — similar to the well-known Knock Out roses, but much more compact. Aug 23, 2018 - The low, spreading habit of Drift® Roses is perfect for all gardens and combination planters. They brighten borders, fill empty spaces, and spread delicately around established plants. See more ideas about Drift roses, Ground cover roses, Plants.

All about drift roses! Colors, care. and landscaping ideas

Drift roses are often referred to as ground cover roses, making them great for landscape beds and containers, or as a cascade over a wall or bank. Drift roses have a more traditional ‘rose’ shape and some of them are even fragrant, such as Coral Drift and Sweet Drift.

Drift roses in landscape. Drift roses should be planted in a well-prepared landscape bed receiving full sun. Fall is a good time to plant. Space individual plants a minimum of 3 feet apart, but 4-5 feet apart is better long-term. Drift Roses are a cross between a ground cover rose and a miniature rose-bush. They are very compact to the ground and will only get about 2 feet tall and about 3 feet wide. The Drift Series was bred by Star Roses and Plants to be a low maintenance ground cover rose. They will survive in hardiness growing zones of 5-10. Drift Roses Features: Drift Groundcover Roses! Lisa's Landscape & Design ♦ 03/24/2018 ♦ 2 Comments. Drift Rose is an outstanding, easy care rose selection for Austin and the surrounding area which is zone 8, and for those of you from hardiness zones 4 to 11.

Drift® Roses make designing a beautiful garden as easy as painting by numbers. To illustrate how simple it is I’ve created five different planting plans for your garden. Each plan includes four companion plants to the centerpiece - a Drift® Rose. Drift roses should be planted in a landscape bed that has been well prepared. They can be used to fill in spaces in order to give your landscape color throughout the year. The drift rose is fairly easy to care for and not at all finicky. They can grow to be about two to three feet tall and two to three feet wide. Drift roses are a great new series of low-growing landscape roses that have been chosen as "Louisiana Super Plant" selections for fall 2013. Fall is a great time to plant roses.

A growing number of rose lovers are adding drift roses (by Star Roses) to their beds as companion plantings with their larger rose bushes and perennials. For more information on companion plants for drift roses, click here. Drift roses were created by crossing full-size groundcover roses with miniature rose bushes. The result is a beautiful, healthy rose bush with the toughness to stand up to Mississippi summers, disease resistance, and winter hardiness of the groundcover rose combined with the smaller, delicate size and repeat-blooming nature of the miniature rose. Apr 19, 2016 - Explore Northstar Garden Center's board "Drift Roses" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Drift roses, Ground cover roses, Ground cover.

An exceptional choice for the landscape, the low, spreading habit of this rose makes it perfect for small gardens, along paths and walkways, or in containers. Rosa Sweet Drift® belongs to the Drift® Groundcover Roses which are known for their compact size, long bloom season, bright colors, profuse flowering, disease resistance and winter. The name "Drift" describes their low spreading habit and they're most effective in the landscape when planted in groups or "drifts." Plant specs Drifts are a cross between miniature and full-size groundcover roses, and grow 2 feet tall by 2-1/2 to 3 feet wide. Drift Roses are very easy to grow in a wide range of soil types, but grow best in a moist but well-drained soil of average fertility. As with other roses, constantly soggy or wet soil conditions can cause root rot and other plant diseases. So make sure to plant your Drift Roses in well-drained soil.

What are Drift Roses? These exclusive roses are a hybrid of miniature roses and groundcover roses. They are hardy from zones 4 to 11, disease resistant, great for erosion control on hills and slopes, super low maintenance, and they repeat bloom from spring through fall. Drift® roses are the result of a cross between groundcover roses and miniature roses, and the result is a compact rose that's perfect for growing in containers, at the front of landscape beds, or as a groundcover. Individual plants will grow two to three feet wide and just one and a half feet tall. The Peach Drift® Rose is one of the most floriferous dwarf shrubs available. Soft peach blooms cover the plant from mid-spring to the first hard freeze of late fall. Peach Drift® Rose pairs well with existing perennials in any landscape. The mature plant is approximately 2’ by 1½’ and exhibits strong disease resistance.

While Drift roses are very low maintenance, we have found that in our hot and humid northeast Florida climate, a few simple measures will help keep your roses at their peak. Planting. Plant your roses where they will receive 4 to 6 hours of full sun daily so they will flower in spring, summer and fall, and protect them from salt spray. Jun 6, 2018 - Explore Jennifer Sickels's board "Drift Roses" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Drift roses, Beautiful roses, Rose. Most everyone has heard of Knockout Roses but do you know what a Drift Rose is? Drift Roses are in almost all ways the same as Knockouts except for size. Where the Knockouts will get anywhere from 3-6 feet tall, Drifts tend to stay in the 18-24 inch range. Not only is their overall height […]

Groundcover Roses Made Easy® From the introducers of the revolutionary Knock Out® Family of Roses, comes Drift®, a breakthrough collection of groundcover roses. These repeat-blooming, compact roses are perfect for any size garden and are easy to grow. Available in nine beautiful colors! Drift Roses are a unique breed of roses, resembling something between a ground cover and miniature rose bush. These compact rose bushes an excellent choice for planting in smaller, harder-to-reach places. Drift roses come in a variety of colors ranging from red and pink to yellow and white, and each variety has slightly different features. The Drift Roses *Scroll below to see a review of each Drift Rose variety. Over the past three years, I have planted every variety of Drift Rose in my landscape here in mid-Georgia. All are performing exceptionally well, even throughout the longest and hottest summer on record we experienced last year. I've seen no serious pest or disease problems.

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